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Change the world, society and our way of interacting.

That’s where Vainilla comes in to offer a independent creative hub dedicated to communicating and building brands, products and services.

Vainilla is different. It is a multidisciplinary, flexible space where professionals from different fields of communications, advertising and design can come together. Because we believe in specialists; in individual, creative freedom in working towards an idea; and, above all, in the fusion of different talents into a common project. We believe in sharing.

Sharing challenges, projects, knowledge, emotions, methods, results, experiences, paths, goals… Sharing to be and to discover. Sharing to progress. Because the best idea is always yet to come.



  • This is the name of the new project by Vainilla. Armando Cacao is a brand experience agency that was conceived to provide a new service to our clients, creating temporary or permanent spaces where brands are connected with consumers through...



    Two years ago we worded for the “Sant Jordi’s” campaign for the Barcelona City Council with the collaboration of Chamo San. We liked so much his drawings that two years later, for Christmas, we have made ourselves a little gift...

  • Our friends from “Minoría Absoluta” have made a hilarious parody of this year’s commercial for the Grossa de Cap d’Any. Thank you for making us laugh so much. You are fantastic!


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